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In Somerville, New Jersey


Every year, your own Somerville fire fighters are required to go shovel out snow around fire hydrants, and pick weeds during the summer time. This is a very important task as there are over 200 fire hydrants in the town of Somerville, and they need to be deemed "usable" at all times in case of an emergency. We are asking you to give back to the community and adopt a hydrant,for the better of the town. By doing so, you would take responsibilty of a hydrant, greatly helping the town which you live in.


Important Instructions

After snowfall, please be sure to shovel a 3 foot by 3 foot hole around the hydrant. Also please shovel a path going to the road, so that it is easily accessible. Please do not alter the hydrant. (ex.painting) Keep overgrown weeds of the hydrant during summer time. Please contact the Somerville Department of Fire Safety if there is anything physically wrong with the hydrant. (ex.Broken cap)



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Note : Fire Hydrants in Green color are available